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Title: Fashion No Show
Author: [personal profile] kaffyr 
Characters: Rose Tyler, the Ninth Doctor, Jack Harkness
Words: 1,497
Summary: The art of misdirection is a magician's best skill. Occasionally it comes in handy for galactic time travelers — but when misdirection involves costume changes, the eventual result can be ... revealing. A tale from the Ninth Doctor's time with Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness.
Author's Note: I wrote this criminally delayed [community profile] fandom_stocking  2015 story for [personal profile] jessalrynn , who likes the Ninth Doctor and Rose, and likes Jack as well. 
Edited by: my patient [livejournal.com profile] dr_whuh
Disclaimer: Much as I wish it were otherwise, nothing in the Whoniverse, save the occasional original character, is mine. All others belong to the BBC and their respective creators. I intend no copyright infringement and take no coin. I do, however, love them, and thank the BBC for letting me play in its sandbox.
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Title: Memento Mori sed Memento Vivere
Author: Starjargon
Recipient: Clocketpatch
Relationship(s): Clara Oswald & Ian Chesterton
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 3020
Warnings: Major Character Death
Summary: Clara finally deals with the events of Dark Water/Death in Heaven with the help of someone else who'd learned long ago how to move forward and let go. Spoilers for Series 8 finale. Intense theme, but general audience content.
Originally posted by navaan at "Memento Mori sed Memento Vivere" for Clocketpatch
Memento Mori sed Memento Vivere


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I took very big liberties with the location, as the WHERE wasn't too important for this story, and I obviously took the "chatting over tea" bit literally. It was meant to be set during the Series 8 finale, probably in those two weeks after the Cybermen, but with Clara still blaming the accident as the death that separated Danny from her. According to the SJA, Ian and Barbara have apparently never aged and according to the 50th, Ian is Chairman of the Governors at Coal Hill School. Also, the letter was meant to be written by Eleven, who would've recommended Clara to the job.
Disclaimer: I've never written Clara or Ian in depth before, so I apologize for any OOC moments. I also made the assumption that when the prompt called for "Clara Oswin Oswald" (the Victorian Governess), it meant "Clara Oswald" (the Doctor's companion). I apologize if I was mistaken in the request.
Oh, and title translates roughly to "remember you will die, but remember to live."
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TITLE: Unwanted Resurrection Prologue/?
AUTHOR: [personal profile] juliet316
FANDOM: Doctor Who
CHARACTERS:(River Song, Clara Oswald, Madame Kovarian, The Silence, Eleventh Doctor time stream 'ghost' Eleven/River)
SPOILERS: Somewhat AU for The Time of the Doctor (See HTR notes at end of the prologue), slightly AU for Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead
SUMMARY: Somebody acts on a long - standing revenge
DISCLAIMER: BBC owns Doctor Who. Doctor Who was created by Sydney Newman, and the recognizable characters in this story were created by Steven Moffat. If they are not recognizable by the reader then they were created specifically by the author for this story. No money is made off them with this story.


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Fandom:Doctor Who
Author: [personal profile] starjargon
Rating: T- for suggestiveness
Spoilers: for Day of the Doctor/ 50th anniversary
Characters: Tenth Doctor, War Doctor, Clara Oswald, Eleventh Doctor/ River Song
Disclaimer: All quotes belong to the BBC and Steven Moffat.  No profit made from this work.  No infringement intended.
Summary:  The Doctor started something a long time ago.  How did they know to start it? 
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Title: The Boy Who Promised
Fandom:Doctor Who
Author: [personal profile] yamx
Beta: [personal profile] canaan & [personal profile] lindenharp
Rating: All Ages
Spoilers: Up to the mid-season seven finale of Doctor Who, including the coda, by which it is inspired.
Characters: Anthony Brian Williams, Rory, Amy
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction; the characters are the property of the BBC and used here without permission. No money was made.
Summary: He'd always known his parents were a little different from most people. He'd just thought it was because they were British.
A/N: Written as a 2012 stocking stuffer for [personal profile] calliopes_pen. Many thanks for the Fannish Items of Interest newsletter, without which I'd be woefully uninformed. (And thank you for bringing it to Dreamwidth, too!) Happy Holidays!

At AO3.
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Title: Drabble: No Time Lost
Characters: historical MC, Nine/Jack/Rose
Rating: All Ages
Spoilers: DW: The Doctor Dances, Greek legend
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction; the characters are the property of the BBC and used here without permission. No money was made.
A/N: Written for [personal profile] kaffyr as a 2012 stocking stuffer. With thanks to [personal profile] canaan for betaing.
Summary: The TARDIS picks up a hitchhiker.

At AO3.
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Title: I Bring Thee Glad Tidings
Fandom:Doctor Who
Beta: [personal profile] canaan
Rating: All ages
Contains: Mpreg
Spoilers: The Doctor Dances
Characters: Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness/(Rose Tyler); established relationship
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction; the characters are the property of the BBC and used here without permission. No money was made.
Word Count: 180
Summary: Some things, even Time Lords can't see coming. Decidedly cracky.
A/N: Presumes an established OT3 relationship. Written as a stocking stuffer for [personal profile] firefly124.

At AO3.
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Doctor Who Fanfiction
Rating: PG
Era: Eleven
Companions: River Song, Rory Williams
Relationship: Eleven/ River Song
Summary: River gets scared and has nightmares too.
Type: Hurt/ Comfort
Length: One- Shot

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Doctor Who Fanfiction-
Rating: G
Era: Eleven
Companions: Ponds, River Song
Relationship: Amy/ Rory; Doctor/ River Song
Summary: Reasoning behind the younger Doctor's mood swings in The Impossible Astronaut.
Type: Introspection
Length: One- Shot