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Title: A Tale of Four Thieves
Author: [personal profile] merryghoul
Rating: Teen
Pairing/Characters: Eleventh Doctor/River Song, Ashildr | Me, Boudica, OMC
Summary: To impress the Doctor, River looks for, and finds, the lost Crown Jewels of England. To save some of Earth's notable historical figures, River needs the Doctor's help...and the help of the woman she stole the Crown Jewels of England from.
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Title: Bespoke Psychopath for Hire (AO3 | Teaspoon)
Author: [personal profile] merryghoul
Rating: Teen
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Eleven/River, Mels, Amy, Rory, the Meddling Monk
Summary: River wakes up back in the body of Mels, traveling back to that field outside Leadworth. To maintain her sanity, River remembers who she was as someone attempts to rewrite her diary.
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Title: Zygon in Belgravia
Characters: Eleventh Doctor/River Song, OCs
Wordcount: 1442
Rating: Teen
Summary: The Doctor and River's date is interrupted by a Zygon.
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Title: Otter Exile
Username: [personal profile] merryghoul
Wordcount: 691
Rating: General Audiences
Pairing: Eleven/River
Summary: How the Doctor ended up living with otters for a month.
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Title: Psychic Sexting
Pairing: Doctor Who; Eleventh Doctor/River Song
Author: [personal profile] merryghoul
Rating: Explicit
Summary: A naked Doctor has fun with some messages sent on his psychic paper.
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Title: Cake Monster
Pairing: Doctor Who; Eleventh Doctor/River Song
Author: [personal profile] merryghoul
Rating: Mature
Summary: The Doctor gets a cake for River's birthday. It's not what he imagined it to be, but River, on the other hand, is thrilled.
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Title: Brevity
Pairing: Eleventh Doctor/River Song
Author: [personal profile] merryghoul
Rating: Explicit
Summary: River gives the Doctor a prize after he beats her in chess.
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Title: Memento Mori sed Memento Vivere
Author: Starjargon
Recipient: Clocketpatch
Relationship(s): Clara Oswald & Ian Chesterton
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 3020
Warnings: Major Character Death
Summary: Clara finally deals with the events of Dark Water/Death in Heaven with the help of someone else who'd learned long ago how to move forward and let go. Spoilers for Series 8 finale. Intense theme, but general audience content.
Originally posted by navaan at "Memento Mori sed Memento Vivere" for Clocketpatch
Memento Mori sed Memento Vivere


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I took very big liberties with the location, as the WHERE wasn't too important for this story, and I obviously took the "chatting over tea" bit literally. It was meant to be set during the Series 8 finale, probably in those two weeks after the Cybermen, but with Clara still blaming the accident as the death that separated Danny from her. According to the SJA, Ian and Barbara have apparently never aged and according to the 50th, Ian is Chairman of the Governors at Coal Hill School. Also, the letter was meant to be written by Eleven, who would've recommended Clara to the job.
Disclaimer: I've never written Clara or Ian in depth before, so I apologize for any OOC moments. I also made the assumption that when the prompt called for "Clara Oswin Oswald" (the Victorian Governess), it meant "Clara Oswald" (the Doctor's companion). I apologize if I was mistaken in the request.
Oh, and title translates roughly to "remember you will die, but remember to live."
Please Review.

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Title: Third Shoe | AO3
Wordcount: 348
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Eleventh Doctor, River Song
Summary: The Doctor's hologram clothes are still a work in progress.
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Title: On the Banks of the Sararahelkos
Characters/Pairing(s): Eleventh Doctor/River Song, various otters
Rating: All Ages
Word count: 695
Spoilers: none
Warnings: none
Beta: [ profile] platypus
Summary: “I lived among otters once for a month. Well, I sulked. River and I, we had this big fight ..."
Disclaimer: Not mine, obviously, except for the otters.

Author's Notes: Because [ profile] eve11 wanted more otter!fic. Many thanks as always to my beta [ profile] platypus, who turned this around really quickly.

::xposted to [ profile] dwfiction, [community profile] dwfiction, and archived at Teaspoon and AO3

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The Aetherion
Doctor Who ; PG-13 ; Amy/Rory, Eleven/River ; 45k
After the Doctor is kidnapped, Amy, Rory and River embark on a long journey to find the only thing that can save him - a mysterious artefact called the Aetherion.

Content notes: deals with depression and recovery from trauma.

Many thanks to [personal profile] purplefringe for a heroic amount of handholding, and to [personal profile] pocketmouse for the beta.

Read at the AO3
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Fandom:Doctor Who
Author: [personal profile] starjargon
Rating: T- for suggestiveness
Spoilers: for Day of the Doctor/ 50th anniversary
Characters: Tenth Doctor, War Doctor, Clara Oswald, Eleventh Doctor/ River Song
Disclaimer: All quotes belong to the BBC and Steven Moffat.  No profit made from this work.  No infringement intended.
Summary:  The Doctor started something a long time ago.  How did they know to start it? 
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Title: All Maps Welcome
Author:[personal profile] kaydeefalls
Rating: PG
Characters: Clara, Doctor
Spoilers: through end of S7
Summary: She knows she's not the only person to ever have traveled with the Doctor. It's a comforting thought.

All Maps Welcome @AO3
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Title: For the Good of the Earth
Author: [personal profile] merryghoul
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Eleventh Doctor, Ace
Summary: The Doctor reunites with Ace while she's moonlighting; they have an overdue chat about their past. For [community profile] eleventyfest.

On AO3.
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Title: An Eye for an Eye
Author: [personal profile] yamx
Rating: PG-13 (strong language)
Spoilers/warnings: N/A
Characters: Eleventh Doctor, Jack Harkness
Word count: ~5000
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction; the characters are the property of the BBC and used here without permission. No money was made.
Summary: A simple little shopping trip—what could possibly go wrong?
A/N: Written for the Winter Companions Summer/Winter holidays Challenge '13. Prompt: 1, Paper, Governor General Four, The Theft of Myrkos. Stand-alone, unconnected to my series. Thanks to [profile] canaana for betaing.

Available at AO3.
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Title: Of Maps and Constellations
Author: [personal profile] megans_writing
Character(s)/Pairing(s): 7th Doctor+Jack, Ace
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3,470
Warnings: Minor references of Torchwood.
Summary: Jack Harkness is the sheriff of a town doesn't exist on any map.
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who

Title: Insist on Making Complications
Author: [personal profile] megans_writing
Character(s)/Pairing(s): 11/Jack, mentions of Rory/Amy, 11/River, Doctor/Rose & Jack/Ianto, Madame Vastra, Jenny, Strax
Rating: R
Word Count: 2,723
Warnings: Set between 'The Angels Take Manhattan' and 'The Snowmen'. Hurt/Comfort. Angst. Minor Bloodplay. Aborted sex. Unhappy ending.
Summary: Grieving the loss of his companions, the TARDIS takes the Doctor to colonial America to meet an old friend.
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who

Title: A Blustery Flat
Author: [personal profile] megans_writing
Character(s)/Pairing(s): 10th Doctor/Rose
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 550
Warnings: AU (Doctor is human).
Summary: Rose flat-sits for Mickey and meets his interesting neighbour by accident.
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who
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Title: Booty Call
Characters/Pairing(s): Eleven/Clara
Rating: Adult
Word count: 1,800
Spoilers: Through "The Rings of Akhaten"
Warnings: none
Summary: That phone that was never, ever supposed to ring was ringing again.
Beta: [personal profile] platypus
Disclaimer: Not mine, obviously.

Author's Notes: I blame [personal profile] nostalgia for this.

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Title: Moggies and N-Dimensional Mishaps (or Kawaii You Gotta Do Me This Way?)
Author: [personal profile] kaffyr 
Characters: The Doctor, River Song, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, the TARDIS
Rated: PG13
Edited: Un-edited, although obsessively read and re-read. All mistakes are mine.
Word Count: 573
Summary: It's hard to think when there are shiny ribbons trailing alluringly in front of you; a (mercifully) brief tale of n-dimensional chaos.
Author's Note: Written for [personal profile] sahiya , for the 2012 [community profile] fandom_stocking  fun. She allowed as how she was (and I quote) "a sucker for fics in which people are turned into kittens." Your wish is my command. Or perhaps I should say I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry.

Read at my journal.

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My contribution to the Eleventh Doctor month on [community profile] who_at_50

Title: Existence
Author: [personal profile] akashasheiress
Rating: Teen
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Eleven/Romana, the TARDIS, OC (after a fashion).
Warnings: This is babyfic. Or more accurately fetusfic. Abortion and issues of bodily autonomy are dealt with. Also, non-graphic description of Time Sex.
Spoilers: Events that took place during S6/32 are mentioned.
Summary: The Doctor and Romana have found each other again. Then something even more unexpected happens.

This is only the second proper fic I've ever finished and posted, so bear with me if I'm still a bit rough around the edges (concrit still welcome, of course).
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Title: The Experimental Viper
Author:[personal profile] merryghoul
Rating: PG
Character: The Doctor
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none
Summary: Sometimes Siluria wasn't as untamed as the Doctor thought it was. For [personal profile] spook_me.


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