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Title:  A Mysterious Customer
Wordcount: approx. 41,000 in 16 chapters
Rating: G
Characters: Three, Jo, the Brig, Sergeant Benton, Yates, the Master (Delgado), UNIT
Summary:  Dragons are mysteriously appearing in the countryside and UNIT must investigate. Does Bessie hold the key?

This is the fourth and presumably final tale for the Custom Vehicle series in which Three's little yellow roadster 'Bessie' always has a part in saving the day. Each one is capable of standing on its own as a story, though it is helpful to have read the others to gain the entire story arc.  This one was very nearly two stories, but they were so intertwined I ended up with just having one that is twice the length of the others.  A very long time ago I read a prompt from someone (who I no longer recall) that said "Three, Degado!Master, Dragon" and this was the result.  The recurring OC for this series, a mousy government aide by the name of John Babcock, does make a reappearance. Hope you enjoy it.

It being rather lengthy, I won't post the full text here at Dwth, but you are welcome and encouraged to enjoy it at the archive of your choosing:

A Mysterious Customer at Teaspoon and an Open Mind
At AO3
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Title: Heartland
Author: [personal profile] livii
Characters: Jabe, Sergeant Benton, Jo Grant
Rating: G
Summary: Jo and the Sergeant tell her stories of their favourite trees: the ones they climbed in as children, the ones with sweet apples and sour plums that stained their fingers.
Notes: pinch-hit for doyle_sb4 in the brilliant tardis_gen ficathon, who asked to see 70s UNIT encounter some element of new school canon. It ended up a bit the other way around. Thanks to stunt_muppet for beta reading! ~1,000 words.

Jabe has never been quite like the others.


Title: Sea Shanties
Author: [personal profile] livii
Characters: Mel, Tegan
Rating: G
Summary: Mel's life has never been linear.
Notes: for [personal profile] amaresu in the brilliant tardis_gen ficathon. Many thanks to wishfulaces, stunt_muppet, glinda_penguin, and nonelvis for beta services!

She lived in a little village named Pease Pottage, in England, on the planet Earth.
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Title: You Can't Teach an Old Time Lord New Tricks
Author: Settiai
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~2700 words
Character(s): Tenth Doctor, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Harry Sullivan, Jack Harkness, Jo Grant, John Benton, Liz Shaw, Mike Yates
Notes: Written for [ profile] aralias in the TARDIS Gen Ficathon. Many thanks to [ profile] crystalshard and [ profile] livii for beta'ing.
Summary: The Fourth Doctor left UNIT without a scientific advisor when he went to travel the universe with Sarah Jane Smith. The Tenth Doctor decides to pick up where he left off.

The Doctor dove into the TARDIS... )